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Retail price: SGD$5.00
Our price: SGD$2.90 [You save: $2.10(42.00%)]
Out of stock. Kindly notify me when new stocks arrive!

Now you can get all the energy you want and the performance nutrition you need without sacrificing the great taste you deserve.

Whether you use Promax for an energy boost, meal replacement, post-exercise recovery, or just a healthy snack, you can be sure that gram for gram, Promax packs more nutrition and more flavor into every bite.

The Days of Sacrifice are Over! Finally! Now you don't have to sacrifice great taste to get the energy or performance nutrition you want. That's because Promax tastes fantastic. In fact, in a chocolate flavor taste test, Promax was picked #1. Promax offers you 8 mouth-watering flavors, each bar smothered in thick folds of rich chocolate or creamy smooth yogurt. Each one totally satisfying to your taste buds and to your body's nutritional needs!

A Giant Step Beyond Ordinary Energy Bars Yes, you'll find Promax bar loaded with energy-sustaining carbs, essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and the important antioxidants A,C, and E. But Promax takes a giant step beyond ordinary energy bars. We added 20 grams of high-quality protein to give you the added nutrition to keep you performing at peak levels!

Promax Gives You the Performance Nutrition You Need! What's the best way to maintain peak performance levels day after day? Proper recovery after training. Sure eating extra protein is important. But without adequate carb intake, you may not be giving your body the tools to recover completely.

You see, after a workout your body's #1 goal is to replenish its energy supply. Your body's preferred energy source is glycogen, and it makes glycogen from the carbohydrates you eat. Without sufficient dietary carbs, your body "steals" the energy it needs from protein. That leaves you with less protein to repair and build muscle. Worse, it may cause a breakdown in existing muscle. But that's why there's Promax.

Promax gives you the protein-to-carb ratio you need to recover fully. With Promax you get both 20 grams of high-quality protein and the ideal amount of energy-rich carbs. Your body gets the energy it needs. Your muscles get the protein they're looking for. You get the great-looking body you want.



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Out of stock. Kindly notify me when new stocks arrive!
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Product Reviews (12 reviews)
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Promax protein bar, , 01/03/2013, 00:10:53hrs
Reviewer: Tay, Yu Qiang

First time tried protein bar. Initially I thought the taste would be bad but it turn out to be really good..... I have tried Nutty Butter Crisp, cookies & cream and chocolate mint.. I would like to got to say Nutty butter and cookies & cream taste very nice :)


Give it a try

Very Good, but.., , 04/05/2011, 22:22:42hrs
Reviewer: vincent, christian
tastes really good, but often out of stock, really need to supply more.
good choice, , 30/04/2011, 15:16:14hrs
Reviewer: stanley, valentino

i bought this as additional items to top up to sgd 60(free deliver charge). Didnt expect it to taste good.

I ordered nutty buttered crisp at first , but it was outta stock.

 Changed to black forest cake flavor.


Taste really good. worth trying 

Chocolate Fudge Brownie, , 26/03/2011, 13:48:55hrs
Reviewer: Lionel, Liew
Love it at first taste! haha! defintely worth the price with its size and it isn't very sweet and dry.
Chocolate Mint flavour: not that great..., , 20/09/2010, 18:41:15hrs
Reviewer: Ben, Pham
I tried 1 chocolate mint bar today and swear to myself I would die if I had to eat it everyday! 3 stars for the cheap price though.
Great taste and cheap, , 01/06/2010, 15:45:21hrs
Reviewer: Leon, Han
Among the flavours i bought ...i only tried the double fudge brownie so far... I mus say the taste is indeed good and u will never be sick of consuming it but how ever there is a downside to it....

U must drink loads of water because the double fudge brownie will make you very thirsty so unless you do not want urself to get a heatstroke or suffer from heatiness and dehydration i suggest u get 500ml of water and drink together with it.

Infact it goes without saying as the double fudge brownie will make you very thirsty naturally.

But otherthen worth it ...the taste and the price!
Protein bars at $2, OK lah..., , 06/01/2009, 18:52:11hrs
Reviewer: Zailee, Ramli
I bought 4 flavours of Promax Bars which are Blackforest, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Chip Dough and Double Fudge Brownie. They taste OK though a tad chalky. I usually have to have a glass of water when eating these bars of protein. For $2 a bar and the nutrition they provide, OK lah for my taste...
Value for money!, , 08/12/2008, 08:48:31hrs
Reviewer: Zhixiong, Cai

My preferred choices:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Honey Peanut
Nutty Butter Crisp

Great tasting protein bars, , 05/11/2008, 01:14:25hrs
Reviewer: Jonathan, Ma
tried nutty butter crisp and cookie dough. the NBC really tastes like snickers fantastic taste IMO and the cookie dough rocks too just gotta try it to know it. instead of eating those unhealthy chocolate bars, why not try something that taste awesome and provides good protein too?=)
YUM! XD, , 27/08/2008, 04:47:58hrs
Reviewer: Jay, Lam

Tried Black Forest Cake, Caramel Coconut and Nutty Butter Crisp. black forest cake taste is so-so and its also 'thick', which made me thirsty while eating it. Better to keep some water around while having it. Not the worst I've tasted (if I rmb right, the one with white choc fromISS tasted worse) but not worth a 2nd buy.

Coconut Caramel tastes better than black forest cake. Rather sweet and not suitable to keep in warmer places for extended periods of time as the caramel inside can get all messy. Worth a 2nd buy.

Nutty Butter crisp was the best. Has a taste quite similar to Snickers. Great taste and even better value. ^5 Looking fwd to try the rest of the flavours.

Really GREAT taste and totally worth it!, , 19/07/2008, 21:59:51hrs
Reviewer: Josiah, Yeo
Highly recommend it! My favourites are Chocolate Mint and Cookies and Cream. I even dare to say that they may even taste better than some candy bars on the market now! I am serious and the nutrition you get is well worth the price. And for those who wants to use it as a meal replacement, it is very substantial and filling, you weren't go hungry and sacrifice taste again for weight-loss!
Great taste at an affordable price, , 14/04/2008, 13:11:44hrs
Reviewer: Dedrick Koh,

For it's high protein content value, decent taste and affordable price, I recommend giving Promax a try.

However, be careful with your selection of flavours. I've tried all of them (with the exception of lemon) at the time of this writing and have found only 3 flavours to be truly edible on a prolonged basis.

They are Nutty Butter Crisp, Cookies and Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Nutty Butter Crisp is REALLY good. Black Forest is interesting too, and worth trying once.


Not quite as tasty as Myoplex Lite, but at less than half the price for better nutrition, it's a steal!

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