Best Fitness Vertical Knee Raise Machine BFVK10
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 Vertical Knee Raise Machine BFVK10
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Retail price: SGD$1295.00
Our price: SGD$662.00
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Owning the Best Fitness BFVK10 Vertical Knee Raise is like having multiple workout stations in a single, lightweight piece of equipment. Ideal for cramped quarters because of its small footprint and lightweight, the BFVK10 puts you in complete control of sculpting your abs, chest, back and arms.

The freestanding VKR challenges you to use your own bodyweight to efficiently power your way through gut-slimming routines and muscle-defining exercises. Whether you're focused on tightening your abs and obliques or concentrating on a chiseled look accomplished through pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups and dips, there's nothing like shaping and toning your physique in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

The BFVK10 is designed to provide an intense workout while eliminating strain on your lower back. Comfortable pads and sturdy, welded steel construction create a solid platform for you to lose inches and achieve a ripped fit look. Trust your gut instincts and get serious about your routine with the Best Fitness BFVK10 Vertical Knee Raise!

The advantages of using the Best Fitness BFVK10 Vertical Knee Raise
A Vertical Knee Raise station offers one of the best solutions for staying in shape and toning your body. Now you can get a full workout right in your own home by combining ab-tightening knee raises, leg raises and oblique bends with muscle-defining push-ups, pull-ups and chin-ups.

By changing the angle at which you raise your legs, you can isolate the lower, mid and side abdominal muscles for a very intense workout. Raise your legs straight up, and your lower and middle abs will feel the burn. Add a twisting motion by alternately lifting your right and left legs over each other, and your outer obliques will start to take shape.

Pound for pound, the BFVK10 provides you with an excellent piece of equipment for performing all of the exercises you need to bulk up your arms and shoulders while shedding inches and developing rock-hard abs.

Multi-station functionality features pull-up bar, chin-up bar, vertical knee raise and parallel dip bars.
Front and side knee raises for washboard abs.
Chin-up bar for complete lat, shoulder and back development.
Parallel dip bars for entire chest, bicep and tricep workout.
Pull-up bar lets you choose a wide or narrow grip to build your back and arms.
Built-in push-up handles for total chest and tricep development.
Dimension: 81" x 37" x 26" (206cm x 94cm x 66cm) (Height x Length x Width)
Warranty: 3 years warranty on frame; 1 year warranty on all other parts; 1 year on-site warranty.  

If you are interested to view the product, you may visit us at 48 Hillview Terrace, Hillview Building, #05-03, Singapore 669269 between 10am - 5pm daily.
Assembly and delivery will be provided FREE with purchase of this product. 

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A Satisfied Customer., , 16/09/2014, 23:28:34hrs
Reviewer: Wong, W M
A very reasonable purchase considering such a compact piece of multi-function workout station. Strongly recommend this item for those who wish to exercise in the comfort of your home.....anytime....rain or shine!
Happy, , 14/08/2011, 09:40:47hrs
Reviewer: Kelwe, yoon
Happy becos itis good enough for me
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