ZANFIT Starlite Kettle Bell 20kg
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 Starlite Kettle Bell 20kg
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Retail price: SGD$169.50
Our price: SGD$79.90 [You save: $89.60(52.86%)]
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ZANFIT's Starlite 20kg Kettlebell (44lbs) is able to provide you with a great workout with only one weight!

Kettle bells are legendary Russian exercise device, the kettlebell has long been a favorite for those seeking a special edge in strength and endurance. Kettlebell training develops strength, power, endurance and balance.

Using only one weight, people training with kettlebells are forced to use their imagination and ingenuity to create workout programs to improve the entire body. (This is similar to the challenge facing bodyweight calisthenics, where the weight of your body stays the same.) And, the results are spectacular. Using only one weight and one kettlebell you can simultaneously improve all-around fitness, build a strong, athletic body and burn off ugly, unwanted fat.

- Cast iron kettle bell in black finish,non-skid bottom.
- Helps develop total body strength, power, and endurance.
- Kettlebells work the body across a wide range of angles
- Increases your dynamic flexibility
- Use for squats, throws, cleans, jerks, snatches, rotational swings and more.

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Product Reviews (2 reviews)
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Excellent, , 26/02/2014, 16:52:03hrs
Reviewer: Brandon , Boh
I love this kettlebell over the fancy looking ones. Great buy and I've been using it regularly. Just be careful on the grip as it might lead to calluses with an improper grip.
Good starters kettlebell, , 24/08/2009, 00:17:46hrs
Reviewer: Ashdee, Khairuddin

I've just started on kettlebell training and thought I'd get one of my own. For the price it is a very very decent kettlebell. The size isn't too bulky (some manufacturers makes the bell too large till it isn't really convenient to do the exercises) and the handle is perfectly large enough to have a decent grip.

 My only gripe about it and why it doesn't get 5 stars is that the handle isn't smooth.. To do high reps with it will really hurt your hands due to the rough cast iron finish. Taping the handle with duct tape can reduce the friction, although just decently enough.

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