Techniques to Gain Muscles Fast : Body Building Bulking Up Phase

Body Building Bulking Up Phase

I am writing this article because I am receiving mails and queries every other day enquiring whether can one lose weight and build muscles at the same time. Well, it can be done but a lot of skill, knowledge and discipline are required to do that.

Furthermore the results will be agonizingly slow. Why? Because bulking up and cutting up is exactly opposite of each other thus exercises and dietary methods may compromise each other's effectiveness.

That is why professional body builders have to go through 2 phases in their training program. First they bulk up with muscles and then cut out the fats months later to show their muscle definition, to be ripped perfect for an upcoming competition or to strut along the beach in summer. If it is easier and better to lose fat and build muscles at the same time, then these professional bodybuilders will be doing that, instead of bulking up first and then cutting, wouldn't they?

You see, when you build muscles or what is called the bulking up phase, you need to eat, eat and then eat again and again. Hey, you are packing on new cellular tissues. You will need food to feed the tissues and to encourage muscle growth. So to bulk up muscles, you need to consume more calories than you expand. Not just any calories, but quality calories like low glycemic carbohydrate and protein.

Now, in order to lose weight or body fat, you have to consume fewer calories than what you used up daily. This is in stark contrast with that of the muscle bulking phase. Now, I believe you can see the paradox. So it will take a lot of food and exercise juggling to achieve both at the same time. Therefore, it is much easier to bulk up first and then cut the fat later.

So how how to bulk up fast? Use Free Weights
Firstly, let me ask you. Have you seen any professional bodybuilders rely on weight lifting machines exclusively or even use these machines as their main workout equipment? Well, I have not. In fact, most professional body builders rely on free weights and cables to build up massive muscle mass fast. Get the hint?

Workout With Compound Exercises
The Squat, Dead lift and Bench Press aren't called "The Big Three" muscle workouts for no reason. You want to bulk up fast and big, these three exercises must be in your arsenal. When doing these exercises, you must lift them heavy and with great intensity. If you don't breakout into torrents of sweat and you are not panting like crazy when executing these exercises, you just ain't there.

A word of caution though. Since these exercises are to be performed with heavy weights, you will need a spotter. On top of that, you must workout with excellent form and technique to prevent injuries and to get fantastic results.

Other great mass builders are slow and weighted push ups, chin ups, dips etc Many people think that these exercises don't help grow muscles because no weights are involved. How wrong can they are. You are actually moving and shifting your entire body weight and your bodyweight is much heavier than your dumbbells isn't it? The only problem is that most people do these exercises wrongly and that is why they don't get great results.

Eat and Sleep
As said earlier, you need to eat and eat to feed your new muscles. Also you need to sleep and sleep because you produce testosterones, a muscle building male hormone when you sleep. That means your muscles grow when you sleep. Furthermore your body needs to recuperate before you hit those weights again. Do not workout out the same muscle group more than twice a week! will gain weight. Not only muscle weight, but some fatty weight too because you are eating more calories. Not to worry, cutting fat away is easy if you know how to. We will discuss this in the next article, so watch this space.

Follow these tips and watch your body shape take on a different form week after week.

Our writer:-
Name: Chris
Age: 44.
Background: Trainer of clebrities such as winners of national and international pageants, models, TV personalities and actors. Have appeared on national papers and TV on numerous occasions.

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Last updated on: 09/09/2007, 11:09:17hrs
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